2019 SA State Riding Pony Show

Thank you to our sponsors:
Wynara Stud (Lia Blacket) sponsored and provided garlands.
Rosegate Stud (Kate Holiday) – sponsored supreme ridden.
Argyl Stud – sponsored / garland for the supreme led of the show.
Rags for Nags (Julie Lloyd / Braefoot Park Stud) sponsored rugs.

Judge : Trish Bennett (NSW)


Led show pony colt 1 yr ne 13.3:  Cantik Park Checkmate (owner Sandi Pearce)

Champion led Riding Pony 1 yr : Cantik Park Checkmate

Led show pony filly 3 yr ne 14.0hh Wynara Trinket (Helen Pedic)

Led Show pony gelding 3 yr ne 14.0hh  Birchwood Crescendo (Delia Fogden)

Champion led 3 yo Birchwood Crescendo (Champion) Wynara Trinket (Reserve Champion)

Grand Champion led show pony youngstock  Cantik Park Checkmate

No Hunter young stock presented

Supreme Youngstock Exhibit  Cantik Park Checkmate


Show pony stallion 4 years and over – none presented

Led Show pony mare 4 years and over ne 12.2hh  Earlsley Park Bo Peep (Andrew & Charlie Hunt)

Led show pony mare 4 years and over 12.2-13.2hh Argyl Summer (Leiella Pagon)

Led Show pony mare 13.2-14.2
1.Highgrove Make Believe (Tegan Jaeschke)
2.Wynara Taboo (Erin Bradshaw)

No led geldings presented

Champion Led Show pony 4yr and over Champion:Earlsley Park Bo Peep (Andrew & Charlie Hunt) eserve Champion: Argyl Summer (Leiella Pagon)

Led Show Hunter pony mare ne 12.2 Broadwater park Seasong (Millicent Quigley-Smith)

Led show hunter mare 12.2-13.2hh  Freeman’s Lodge Dreamcatcher (Leiella Pagon)

Champion Led Show hunter pony over 4 years  Champion:Freeman’s Lodge Dreamcatcher (Leiella Pagon)   Res Champion: Broadwater park Seasong (Millicent Quigley-Smith)

Supreme Led Senior Exhibit:   Earlsley Park Bo Peep

Grand Supreme led exhibit: Earlsley Park Bo Peep


Ridden not exceeding 12.2  Broadwater park Seasong (Millicent Quigley -Smith)

Ridden 12.2-13.2 Argyl Summer (Leiella Pagon)

Ridden 13.2-14.2
1. Birchwood Crescendo (Delia Fogden)
2.  Wynara Taboo (Erin Bradshaw)

NewComer StateFinal:
Champion:Broadwater Park Seasong
Reserve: Birchwood crescendo
Third: Argyl Summer

Ridden Show Hunter Pony

Not exceeding 12.2: Broadwater Park Seasong

Show hunter 12.2-13.2 Freeman’s Lodge Dreamcatcher

Champion Ridden Show hunter pony
Ch: Broadwater Park Seasong
Reserve:Freeman’s Lodge Dreamcatcher

Lead Rein pony ne 12.0hh  Earlsley Park Bo Peep (Andrew & Charlie Hunt

Junior Rider Class under 12: Leiella Pagon

Senior Child Rider 12-18 years
1. Millicent Quigley-Smith
2.  Erin Bradshaw


NE 12.2 Earlsley Park Bo Peep (Charlie Hunt)

12.2-13.2  Argyl Summer (Leiella Pagon


Highgrove Make Believe (S Jaeske)
Argyl Melody (Charlie Hunt)
Wynara Taboo (Erin Bradshaw)

Champion Ridden Show pony
Highgrove Make Believe (Sabrina Jaeschke)
Argyl Melody (Charlie Hunt)

Grand Supreme Ridden Exhibit:  Highgrove Make Believe