(updated September 2016)

General Character: That of a miniature ladies hack with pony character displaying elegance, refinement, full of quality and presence.
Coat fine in texture, mane and tail hair fine, straight and silky, with limbs devoid of any feathering or coarseness.
Animal free from any hereditary defects or unsoundness.

Colour: Straight colour preferred.

Height: Not to exceed 14.2 hands.

Head: Well set, attractive head, in proportion to body, not overly-large, with a flat forehead, tapering to a fine muzzle with large open nostril. Jawbone clean and finely cut, free from coarseness and open under the throat joining the neck with a free flowing curve.
Eyes intelligent, bold and preferred dark in colour, large and set well to the sides of the head.
Ears in proportion, well-shaped and carried alertly

Neck: Plenty of length, graceful, supple and well carried with no sign of coarseness flowing in a convex upward curve.
Definitely not ewe necked or over-crested.
Slight cresting may be expected in stallions but over-cresting is objectionable in both sexes.
The head is well set on the neck with a natural turn at the poll, giving the appearance of reach and scope to enhance the whole front of the pony.

Shoulders: Flat, sloping shoulder with a good, prominent riding wither. Not over muscular.

Forelegs: Set square and true and not too wide apart nor too close. Hard, flat, refined bone. They must not be over, back or off-set in the knees. Pasterns should be the correct length angled approximately 45 deg. Good open shape to the foot.
Back and Loins: Short and well coupled with enough scope to carry a saddle. Wide, flat backs to be avoided.

Girth: Deep.

Ribs: Well sprung with plenty of heart room.
Hind Quarters: Lengthy, deep and rounded giving an overall impression of correctness and great impulsion.
Tail well set on with hind leg put on correctly from the loin, giving a strong second thigh and a good strong, clean hock.

Movement: Stride true, straight and floating, covering a lot of ground with effortless ease, movement originating from behind, tracking up with well flexed hocks.
The characteristic floating, extravagant forehand movement is from the shoulder.
High knee action is most undesirable.
It is expected that all Riding Ponies exhibit free forward movement and straightness of action.

Note: The Riding Pony is a ridden pony of quality and elegance and when shown must always be plaited.

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