(updated September 2016)

General Character:  The Show Hunter is a quality type with substance, bone and movement that is sound in wind and limb and has the constitution to carry its rider on a day’s hunting across various terrains.

The Show Hunter should demonstrate a reliable temperament and the ability to provide a smooth, even ride. The Show Hunter must be free from any hereditary defects or unsoundness.

The Show Hunter does not have to prove that it can jump however the ridden workout should include a gallop.

The transitions through the paces should be very responsive and effortless.

Colour: Straight colour preferred.

Height: Not to exceed 14.2hh.

Head: A good, honest head in proportion to the body, with a flat forehead. Tapering muzzle with large open nostrils. Jawbone clean, open under the throat joining the neck with a flowing curve. Eyes, large, bold and preferably dark in colour set well to the sides of the head. Ears well shaped and in proportion, carried alertly.

Neck: A good length, supple and well carried and set on well from the shoulder.

The head set with a natural turn at the poll.

Shoulder: Flat, sloping with a prominent riding wither providing a good length of rein.

Forelegs: Set square and true not too wide apart or too close together. Hard flat bone with substance. Short well defined cannons to support the body with sufficient forearm for the height of the animal. Feet well shaped and sound.

Back and Loins: Short and well coupled with enough scope to carry a saddle.

Girth: Deep with plenty of heart room.

Ribs: Well sprung.

Hind Quarters: Lengthy, deep and rounded with the tail well set on.
Hindquarters giving an impression of strength and correctness with great impulsion and a strong second thigh sufficient for the height of the animal. Good strong, clean hocks.

Movement: The Show Hunter must cover the ground effortlessly in all paces, with a well-balanced gallop, hind legs tracking well under, front legs moving from the shoulder with an obvious lengthening of stride. It would be expected that the Show Hunter Pony would exhibit more knee action than a Show Pony.

A flat, stilted action is unacceptable in a Show Hunter Pony.

Note: Show Hunter Ponies are presented plaited with browbands of plain or plaited leather.

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