As at 1 June 2019. All fees include GST

Fast Track fee (applicable to registration & membership applications only)

Priority Post (1-4 business days depending on destination)

Express Post  (next business day providing recipient is in an Express Post area)

Regular Post (up to 2 business days longer than Priority)




$no fee

Membership Fees

Ordinary Membership

Joint Membership

Each additional person over two

Company Membership

Participant Membership

Judge Membership







Registration Fees

All ponies born before 1/8/2017 which are eligible for registration as Section A and which have not been registered by 1/8/2017 may be registered with no late fee until 31/7/2019. After 1/8/2019 a cumulative annual fee of $25.00 will accrue additional to the normal registration fee to a maximum of $125.00.

Stallion – Section A

Stallion – Approved

Colt – Section A – Foal Recorded before 31 July in the season of birth

Colt – Section A – Foal Recorded after 31 July following the season of birth


Gelding – not previously Foal Recorded or Stallion Registered

Gelding – previously Foal Recorded before 1/9/2014

Gelding – previously Foal recorded after 1/9/2014 or previously Stallion registered








No Fee

DNA/Parentage Verification


Transfer / Lease (lodged within 30 days or sale/purchase or start of lease)

Transfer / Lease (lodged more than 30 days after date of sale/purchase or start of lease)



Duplicate Registration Certificate

Change of Details on Registration

Change of Name (with consent of breeder, conditions apply)

Gelding to Stallion (conditions apply)

$ 35.00

$ 10.00



Import processing (exclusive of registration fee and DNA)

Export fee (exclusive of transfer and DNA)



Stud Prefix/Suffix

Brand Recording



Stallion Nomination (prior to 31 July each year)

Service Certificate Book (not transferable between members)



Application to become a Judge