Photo Submission

Remember you must be a member and the pony a registered riding pony for inclusion. 

Photos are included in order of receipt. Advertisers get priority and more than one photo included. 

Event must be no older than June 2019

  • Riding Pony Shows run by the State Committees
  • National and HOTY Shows
  • Riding Ponies competing at the Royal Shows (either in riding pony classes or open classes, harness etc (not other breeds))
  • Riding Ponies competing in Pony Club, Interschool, Dressage, Jumping, Eventing, (ANY DISCIPLINE)
  • Children competing Riding Ponies
  • Overheight Riding Ponies
  • NEW Fashions on the field, if you have competed in a fashion’s class we want your photos!
  • NEW Season ‘off time’ We know all our shows ended early. So send us photos of you and your riding ponies having fun at home, or training.
  • If you are having trouble using this form, email your photo and all details below to