WA Special Meeting

A special meeting of Western Australia RPSBS Ltd. members was held on 26th February with 19 members present including 6 proxies. The meeting was attended by the Administrator and Board Chair, Mike Smith and the Board Vice Chair, Robert Cockram.

Nominations for election to the WA committee were received from Amanda Gilberd, Jade O’Brien, Helen Ransome, Peter Thomas, Kathryn Thomas and Robyn Vale.

All nominations were checked and validated by the National Office. Kathryn and Peter Thomas have a Joint Membership with the voting  right assigned to Kathryn. As a result Peter is ineligible to stand for Chair, Vice Chair or Director.

With 9 positions available all nominations were accepted onto the committee.  At the close of the special meeting the new committee elected their office bearers.  Chair: Helen Ransom; Vice Chair: Kathryn Thomas; Secretary: Amanda Gilberd; Treasurer/Publicity Officer: Peter Thomas; Director: Kathryn Thomas.