VIC Newcomers

The Newcomer Scheme originally catered for the Riding Pony only. With the popularity of the RPSBS Show Hacks & Show Hunters over 14.2hh, the Victorian Committee have expanded the Newcomer Scheme.

Everyone with a RPSBS Show Hack or Show Hunter (those over 14.2h) who is about to embark on their first season under saddle, we now have a Newcomer RPSBS Show Hack & Show Hunter Championship. Rules are the same as the Newcomer Riding Pony Championship but it is a COMPLETELY SEPARATE Championship – it has its own classes and prize money pool.

So what is the Newcomer Riding Pony Championship and Newcomer RPSBS Show Hack/Show Hunter Championship?

Open to first season ridden exhibits registered with the RPSBS Ltd. A Riding Pony shall be eligible to be shown as a Newcomer if it has not been exhibited under saddle at any show or competition of any sort, prior to 1st January each year. Once entered into the scheme, the exhibit can compete until the 31st December in Riding Pony Newcomer classes.

The Victorian Committee run their Newcomer Riding Pony Championship Final and a RPSBS Newcomer Show Hack/Show Hunter Championship Final at the Equinade RPOTY Show in January each year. Qualifications are needed.

To be eligible to compete at the Newcomer Sweepstakes Final, qualifications are required and are outlined below:

  • A first, second or third in Newcomer classes at a Victorian Committee run Show.
  • A Champion or Reserve Champion ridden Newcomer or Open ridden at an Agricultural Show.
  • First in a ridden stallion/colt class at an Agricultural Show.
  • Results must be written on the card and signed by the Judge or show secretary.
  • Exhibits entered in Riding Pony Newcomer classes are to be ridden in a snaffle bridle.
  • Stallions may compete in the RPSBS Newcomer competition.
  • A pony that has only competed in Leading Rein and has not competed off the lead is eligible to be considered a Newcomer.
  • A Riding Pony Newcomer and RPSBS ShowHack/Hunter is eligible to compete in open Riding Pony / RPSBS Show Hack/Hunter ridden classes in their Newcomer Year.

Nomination Fee – $40 per exhibit

Please note – there are separate forms for the Riding Pony Newcomers and RPSBS Show Hack/Show Hunter Newcomers, so make sure you use the correct one!

Newcomer Form 2024

Newcomer Overheight Form 2024

Newcomer Form 2023

Newcomer Overheight Form 2023