The Showing Year for South Australia RPSBS classes is from the 1st July until 30th June annually, the exception being Newcomers which run from the 1st January until 31st December annually.

SA Newcomers

This is an incentive scheme for first season ridden ponies registered with RPSBS Ltd. A Riding Pony shall be eligible to be shown as a Newcomer if it has not been exhibited under saddle at any show or competition of any sort prior so the said pony’s newcomer year.

  • Owners must be members of the Society.  Riders must either be full or participant members of the Society.
  • Competitors must abide by the Rules and Regulations of RPSBS SA Committee The S.A.
  • Competitors must carry this performance card with them when competing in this class, failure to do so will mean that the pony will be ineligible for judging.
  • This card must be signed by the Judge.
  • Ponies must compete in a snaffle bridle.
  • Stallions may compete in RPSBS Newcomer competition.
  • Ponies must qualify to enter the RPSBS State Newcomer final.
  • A Newcomer will be able to compete and qualify all season in the ridden Newcomer section at all Riding Pony Shows or other accredited shows that conduct a Riding Pony program even if they have won this event at a previous qualifying Show.
  • If the winner has previously qualified then the qualification goes to second or if first or second are qualified the qualification can go down the line to third.
  • A Reserve Champion is a qualifier for the S.A. Riding Pony Newcomer State Championship final.
  • SA RPSBS Committee run qualifying height classes at the designated Show where the final is to be held.

Qualifying classes will be:

  • Newcomer Riding Pony n.e. 12.2hh
  • Newcomer Riding Pony over 12.2hh and n.e. 13.2 hh
  • Newcomer Riding Pony over 13.2hh and n.e. 14.2 hh
  • Champion and Reserve Champion Newcomer Riding Pony.

The Newcomer competition year for South Australia is 1st Jan. – 31st Dec. annually.

Final will be held at SA Committee RPSBS State Show, date and venue to be advised annually.

A pony that has only competed in Leading Rein and not competed off the lead is eligible to be considered a Newcomer. A Riding Pony Newcomer is eligible to compete in open Riding Pony ridden classes in their Newcomer Year.

S.A. Newcomer competitors desiring to compete in Newcomer Classes in any other State must enter the competition in that State, and comply with the specific Rules and Regulations in that State.

Full Newcomer Rules on National RPSBS website

Click here for Newcomer Nomination form

Click here for Statutory Declaration form

SA Committee Secretary:
Greg Crocker
1 Grand Boulevard
M: 0427 088 295