RPSBS Qld 2020 State Annual Meeting




Date:  May, 2020                 Place: Online

Chair:   Ms Amanda O’Sullivan  Vice Chair: Paula Anthony   Secretary: Eleanor Gerry

Treasurer/Director: Mike Smith

  1.  Click here for the 2019 SAM and Election of Office Bearers Minutes

Motion:   That the Minutes of the 2019 RPSBS Qld State Annual Meeting and the 2019 Election of Office Bearer’s Meeting are accepted.

Carried by email on 27th April, 2020

2.   Click here for the 2020 Qld SAM Chair Report presented by Ms Amanda O’Sullivan.

3.  Click here for the 2020 Qld SAM Director’s Report presented by Mike Smith.

4.  Click here for the 2020 Qld SAM Treasurer’s Report presented by Mike Smith.

5.  Click here for the 2020 RPSBS Qld Stamped Financial Statement for RPSBS Ltd. Queensland Committee prepared by the auditors, Galpins of South Australia.

6Click here for the 2020 QLD RPSBS Auditor’s Report

The Auditor for 2020 – 2021 will be appointed at the 2020 RPSBS Ltd. Annual General Meeting of Members.

  1. Newly elected members to the Qld State Committee for 3 years are Michael Smith and Kristen Bates-Taunton.

Qld State Committee for 2020 – 2021 is as follows:

Paula Anthony, Kristen Bates-Taunton, Eleanor Gerry, Peter Hudson,

Kym Johnson, Amanda O’Sullivan, Greg Smith, Mike Smith, Leonie Walsh.

The office bearers remain as per 2019 – 2020 until such time as a face-to-face meeting of the RPSBS Ltd. Queensland Committee can be held.