Pony Profile – Rosedale Royal Chatter

Photo: Julie Wilson

1) Age, height and breeding?
Max is a 13hh, 5yo bay gelding by Rosedale Tempting out of Beckworth Royal Fern

2) How long have you owned Max and what was it about him that made you decide he was for you?
We have owned Max for just on 12 months, I was looking for a quiet quality pony for Ella to make
the transition from lead rein classes to being able to ride independently in open classes, breed
classes and rider classes, so we took a gamble buying a young 3yo riding pony for our then 7yo rider
and the results speak for themselves. He is honestly worth his weight in gold. He is consistent,
reliable and very rideable.

3) Major performances?
 Royal Geelong Show
1st Novice Pony 12-12.2hh
Best Novice Small Pony
1st Open Pony 12-12.2hh

Photo: Angie Richard

Reserve Champion Small Pony
 Barastoc Horse of the Year
Champion Led Newcomer
Runner up Newcomer Small Pony
Ridden Small pony of the Year
Supreme Ridden Riding Pony
 West Gippsland Open Saddle Horse Championships
 Melbourne Summer Royal
1st Ridden Riding Pony 12.2-13hh
 Victorian Equinade Riding Pony of the Year Show
Runner Up Ridden Show Pony
 Barastoc Horse of the Year
Runner Up International Challenge Large Pony  Sydney Royal
1st Novice Ridden Open Pony 12.2-13hh
1st Led Riding Pony Gelding
 Melbourne Royal Show
1st Open Pony 12.2-13hh

4) How does Max handle the big shows?
Max is usually found laying down in his stable at a big show. Not much worries or bothers him and
like a true pony is always looking for food!! He is pretty lazy, so only needs a 10 minute warm up
before a class. Canberra Royal was his first “real” royal and he and Ella produced a faultless workout
to win her Rider Class, she warmed him up and went straight out in the ring. He is such an amazing

5) What does and average week consist of for Max?
Max is stabled each night, so enjoys spending time in his paddock during the day. He is worked
between 4 and 5 days a week, not because he needs the work, but because Ella loves spending time
with him. When she’s not riding him, she is busy drawing pictures of him and writing stories about

6) Does he have any quirky habits?
Max has many quirky habits. He is the Houdini of our property and can escape from any headstall,
he chews anything left in his path, constantly pulls his paddock boots off, unzips our clothing and
there is nothing he wouldn’t do for a carrot or a mint, he even has to smell our breath every morning
when we go into his stable as he can smell the toothpaste!!

7) If you could change one thing about him, what would it be?
Nothing, we love him just the way he is. I would love to clone him and have the next size sitting in
the paddock ready for when Ella outgrows him.

8) What does the future hold for Max?
Ella’s wish is to qualify and compete at the Grand Nationals with Max. She is dedicated and is
constantly trying to improve, so I hope that her hard work is one day rewarded. He always aims to
please her and she never loses the smile from her face. What a lucky girl she is to own such a