Photo: Bridey Lee

Answers by Bree Petrie.

1) Name, age and breeding?

Bamborough Mickey J
4 yrs
Naruni Park Taylor Made x Bamborough Moon Dancer

2) How did you find Mickey J?

I saw an advert in Horse Deals for a Welsh stud reduction. I went looking for a potential LR Pony for my daughter and came home with an Riding Pony!

3) What was it about him that made you have to have him?

He was in a big paddock with about 6 others, he floated across the paddock miles away. Even from miles away I knew I wasn’t leaving without him.

4) Major performances to date?

VASL Newcomer Pony
VASL Open pony Runner UP
Champion Newcomer Ridden Riding Pony, Melbourne Royal Horse Show
EV Open Pony of the Year over 13 -14hh

5) He has qualified for the EA nationals in only his first season, how do you plan on preparing him for this event?

He is a clever pony and I will continue his dressage training to keep him busy. I will also introduce him to the indoor environment in the lead up to the Nationals. He will attend his first big atmosphere show at Melbourne Royal.

6) What does an average week consist of for Mickey J?

Mickey gets worked on the lunge and ridden during the week, he loves to be worked.

7) Does he have any quirky habits?

He screams out to me whenever he hears the house doors open.

8) What does the future hold for Mickey?

He will go to EA Nationals this year and onto Grand Nationals next year. We may even try some Pony dressage.