NSW Information and Regulations 2017-18.

Newcomer NSW Application White 2017 Click Here

This is a competition for New Season Riding Ponies (i.e. those Ponies that have NOT been exhibited at any show or competition UNDER SADDLE (other than leading Rein) before
1st October 2017

  • Ponies must be registered with the Society.
  • Owners must be members of the Society.
  • Stallions may compete.
  • Ponies must compete in a snaffle bridle.

NSW State Newcomer Sweepstakes Championship Final for 2017-18 year will be held at the RPSBS NSW STATE SHOW 2018 for those nominated ponies that have qualified by winning one of the three size-related Newcomer classes held at a qualifying show during 2017-18.
( Reserve Champion Newcomer award also qualifies)

Newcomers can continue to compete all 2017-18 in the Newcomer Section at the qualifying shows, even if they have already qualified. If the winner of a qualifying class has previously qualified, then the qualification passes to the next in line, down to third place.
Entry Fee – $55.00 for the Year 2017-18
Qualifying classes will be:

Newcomer Riding Pony n.e. 12.2hh
Newcomer Riding Pony over 12.2hh and n.e. 13.2hh.
Newcomer Riding Pony over 13.2hh and n.e. 14.2 hh.
Champion and Reserve Champion Newcomer Riding Pony.

The NSW Sweepstakes money will be divided as follows:

Champion 45%, Reserve 35%.
Newcomer Competitors 2017-18 will be issued with a WHITE Card, which must be carried and produced to the ring steward at the commencement of the Newcomer Class, for signing by the Judge when they qualify. Failure to produce this card will make the pony ineligible for the event even if they have no intention of competing at the Final, or have already qualified.

Ponies competing in the Newcomer Competition 2017-18 are NOW eligible for ALL Riding Pony classes in NSW, as well as the specific Newcomer Classes. at all shows.
NSW Newcomer competitors desiring to compete in Newcomer Classes in State other than NSW, must enter the competition in that State, and comply with the specific Rules in that State.

Refer www.rpsbs.com.au for details.