NSW Riding Pony Members Meeting

Following the resignations of John Paget (past Chair) and Ashley Cooper (past Secretary)  from the RPSBS Ltd. NSW Committee an open  committee meeting is being held at the Richmond Golf Club at 3 pm est Saturday 15th August for the purpose of co-opting new members onto the committee.

To be eligible to be co-opted onto the New South Wales Committee the member must be a current member of the Society that holds a category of membership with full voting rights (this excludes Judge and Participant memberships but includes Life members) who have been registered by RPSBS Ltd. in New South Wales for a period of at least three (3) months and who have held those voting rights for a period of three (3) months.

All eligible financial NSW members are invited to attend and apply to be co-opted onto the Committee.

All enquiries to Sandra James  M: 0408 677 031   E: james.shani@bigpond.com