Notice re Riding Pony Stud Book Society Ltd. Western Australia Committee

On 12th December, 2019 resignations were received from Eileen Morris, Helen Moore Julie Van De Sande, Marlene Kinder and Judy Sabine. The result is that with fewer than 3 elected RPSBS Ltd. Western Australia Committee members left Rule 32 of the State Committee Structure & Procedures Policy is evokes which states that the Board disband the current State Committee and appoint an Administrator.

On 12/12/2019 the present Western Australia Riding Pony Committee was disbanded. The Board of Directors Chair, Mike Smith, has been appointed as Administrator. He will hold the position until the following year’s Annual Meeting of Members or until a valid committee can be formed at a Special State Meeting of Members called by the Administrator specifically for the election of a new WA state committee.

It is the Administrator’s intention to call for nominations for the new committee as soon as it can be established there is interest in reforming a new RPSBS Ltd. WA Committee. A special general meeting of WA RPSBS members specifically for the purpose of electing a new WA committee would be held as soon as practical on the close of nominations.

Members who might be interested in reforming the WA committee are asked to lodge a nonbinding expression of interest to the National Secretary, Teresa Edwards, at or contact any of the Board Directors.

The Board of Directors is committed to ensuring this process is expedited with all speed and that WA members are not disadvantaged during this transition period.

On behalf of all RPSBS members the Directors wish to thank all members past and present of the WA committee for their work and dedication to Riding Ponies in WA and will expedite the transition process to a new committee as a matter of extreme importance and urgency.

The Board is committed to supporting and assisting every state maintain an effective, functional state RPSBS committee.

As details of nomination dates and meeting details are finalised WA RPSBS members will be notified by email and Facebook.

Mike Smith
RPSBS Ltd. WA Administrator