Nomination for Stallions at Stud – New Rule

A new nomination process for stallions at stud has been introduced by the Society, requiring all Section A and Approved Stallions to be nominated for the appropriate breeding season, effective for the 2015/16 breeding season and for the future.

The Nomination for Stallions at Stud replaces the past Stallion Return process and does not require service history to be lodged with the Society.

A $25.00 nomination fee for each stallion at stud is applicable for each breeding season. A Nomination for Stallions at Stud must be completed and lodged with the National Office by 31 July each year.

Lodgement of the Nomination for Stallions at Stud after 31 July for the relevant breeding season, will attract a $50 late fee. Note: Late fees are not applicable for the 2015/16 season.

Registration applications received with a Certificate of Service where the stallion has not been nominated for the breeding season applicable, will not be accepted until the lodgement of the Nomination for Stallions at Stud and applicable fee has been paid.

Members who have paid for and/or lodged their 2015/16 Stallion Returns will be deemed to have nominated their stallion for the 2015/16 breeding season and no further action is required.