2021 June Bulletin

From the Board

Special thanks and congratulations to those members who nominated or re-nominated for election to the various RPSBS State committees. Victoria was the only state to hold an election and their committee welcomes new members Sally Murrell-Rich and Rebecca Wall with Di Jose returned to her existing position.

Our three longest serving Board members, Tanya Hay (Tasmania), Robert Cockram (Victoria) and Mike Smith (Queensland) have resigned. To all Board and committee members resigning, we thank you for your efforts and support.

Cathy Rae National Secretary has also resigned from the Board as well as from the Victorian committee, we thank her for all her hard work and time that she has given to the Society.

EOI in the position of National Secretary, please send resume to berrybankstud@gmail.com

New Directors to join the Board are Greg Gerry (Victoria), Peter Hudson (Qld) and we are awaiting confirmation of the Tasmanian nominated Director. All other States have held their State Annual Meetings with their Directors remaining unchanged – Andrew Hunt (SA), Sandra James (NSW) and Kathryn Thomas (WA).

In Memorandum: We note the passing of Geoffrey Penluna on 26/1/21. Geoff was a foundation member of the Riding Pony Society, and bred ponies under the Courtney Lodge prefix. Our sympathies to his wife Wendy and daughters Tracey, Kerri and Sally-Ann.

From the National Office

A reminder that the RPSBS Ltd landline 02 4577 5530 is manned Monday Wednesday & Friday from 11am to 4 pm eastern summer time each working day.

Check the studbook online to see the current status of your membership and your pony’s registration. 

Online Membership Renewals now available click here.
Membership renewals can now be done online by accessing the Studbook from the website and logging on. Note, you will need to know your membership number to log on. Payment of memberships online is through Paypal.

Amend your personal details online
Members are now able to amend their personal details online by logging onto the SAMMS database. Members are encouraged to check that their information on the system is up-to-date. Names on memberships cannot be amended as they relate directly to ownership of animals.

Payment References
Please reference all payments with your name and send the appropriate paperwork to the office at the same time.  Do not transfer money without sending the paperwork at the same time;

Payment Reminder
A reminder that credit card payments cannot be processed without the expiry date being on the form.

Important reminder when submitting paperwork for Registrations / Transfers:

Please use the current forms on the website and use the correct form as a Reciprocal Registration has different requirements to one that needs to be signed by the breeder.

Please ensure paperwork is submitted immediately on making any direct bank transfers to ensure payments can be receipted promptly and correctly before end of month reconciliations.

Please add you name to Direct Bank Transfers to ensure that they can be identified with your paperwork.

Transfer Applications cannot be recorded/processed until the Society is in receipt of the Original Registration Certificate so please mail transfers to the office (preferably with tracking). Do not email transfers.

If emailing any other paperwork, please first ensure the pdf or jpg is legible when viewed as an A4 size document, and then attach the file to your email.  Please do not embed or insert the file into your email.

Inserting/embedding often means that they cannot be printed easily on one page and are often illegible, meaning we have to request new scans or images from the sender.

Remember Ponies 4 years and over MUST be adult registered and cannot be shown on foal recorded registrations. All colts 2 years and over must be adult registered.

RPSBS Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting of RPSBS Ltd. Members and forum has been scheduled for Saturday 3rd July 11 am 2021 (EST) via Zoom conferencing facilities keeping in line with current Covid restrictions.

All reports will be presented in written format and published on the website for all members to view and review prior the meeting and download.

Attendee Registration: Members are required to register to attend the online AGM prior to 4.00pm, Friday 26th June 2021. Please send your expression of interest to attend the meeting to secretary@rpsbs.com.au to register. After the close of registrations, all registered attendees will be emailed a link to join the meeting.

Questions and Answers: It is preferred that questions for the AGM be submitted to the RPSBS Ltd Secretary at secretary@rpsbs.com.au prior to 4:00pm Friday 26 June 2021.

Apologies: To register an apology please email the RPSBS Ltd. Secretary at secretary@rpsbs.com.au

Proxy Appointments: An Annual General Meeting proxy form is available on the RPSBS Ltd. web site and should be sent to secretary@rpsbs.com.au at least 48 hours prior to the commencement of the meeting.

2021 RPSBS Annual

We are now working on the 2021 RPSBS Annual, and are requesting photo submissions!
  • Royal Shows
  • Grand Nationals
  • Open Shows
  • Children’s Ponies
  • Amateur / Home Produced
  • Pony Club / Interschools
  • Performance Ponies
  • State committee run events

Remember, photo submissions do not guarantee inclusion, however we do our best. To guarantee inclusion, please support us by either advertising or purchasing a members gallery photo from only $88.00

Story Submissions

We are also taking story submissions and ponies / people remembered submissions. We need to be notified of these as soon as possible to we can leave enough room for your inclusion. Please email annual@rpsbs.com.au

QLD Committee News

We have recently held  the Northern NSW  Hack championships  at Lismore and the SHCQ Rising Star & Childs Shows  at Park Ridge and two young riders  that had outstanding shows and deserve a mention are Willow Scotson and Anastasia Blanch.

Willow had great success winning the 6-9 rider and qualifying both her ponies for classes for the 2022 Grand Nationals.

Sandarah Evening Star (RATHOWEN TRUE BLU  x  RADNOR PICTURE) were double winners at NNSW Hack Champs, claiming the titles of Child’s Small Pony n/e 12.2hh sponsored by Hill’s Psychological Clinic & First Ridden Pony sponsored by Team Pink Lynda Blanch.
Plus winning the Runner Up SHCQ Newcomer Small Pony at Rising Star.

Cherrington Royal Ambassador (BAMBOROUGH AMBASSADOR x  LLANFECHAN ROSEMARY ROSE) Was Champion 1st Ridden Show Hunter  and Runner Up Child’s Small Hunter Pony at the SHCQ Rising Star show.

Anastasia had two wonderful shows with her Newcomer pony.

Bordershow Castiel (FALCONHURST BOY BLUE x  WESTON PRUNELLA) was Runner Up Newcomer Large show Pony 2021 at both Rising star and NNSW Hack Champs plus Runner Up Preliminary Large Show Pony and CHAMPION HOME PRODUCED Large Show Pony at Rising Star.

won the Champion First Ridden Hunter Pony at NNSW Hack Championships.


Bordershow Midnight (left) and Sandarah Evening Star (right)

VIC Committee News

May saw a few changes from a Victorian perspective with the resignation of our Chairperson Robert Cockram due to ongoing health/personal reasons.  We cannot thank Robert enough for his enthusiasm and dedication to the Victorian membership base.  Robert was very proactive in the running of shows and in the administrative roles as Treasurer and Board Director.  We wish him the best with this pursuits and look forward to seeing him competing successfully in the Riding Pony classes across our state.

Our secretary Cathy Rae has also submitted her resignation due to outside commitments, after many years of service. We thank Cathy for her tireless hours, rain, hail or shine and for always having an answer to so many of our questions. Also a special thank you to Marlene Hart, our caterer extraordinaire.  Marlene has been the smiling face who has catered for our judges, stewards and volunteers at all our events. Marlene has resigned due to ongoing health issues and we wish her all the best for a speedy recovery.

We recently conducted our online AMM, after a delayed start due to technical issues we were under way. This year our meeting was held via Zoom due to the ongoing uncertainty of COVID-19 but we look forward to catching up with our member base soon. At the time of writing, we are again in lockdown which is hampering plans…. We will get there!  Our new committee comprises:  Paul Dunstan (Chair), Diane Jose (Vice Chair), Tara Kirk (Secretary), Rosie Metherall (Treasurer), Greg Gerry (Board Director), Rosie Metherall (Alternate Board Director), Diane Jose (Publicity Officer), Rosie Metherall (Newcomer Officer) and newly elected committee members Becky Wall and Sally Murrell-Rich.

Sadly Victoria is presently in Lockdown V4. As long as we come out of this Lockdown on Friday the 4th of June then we hope to still run our Riding Pony ring for foals and youngstock at the NEBRPG Welsh Winter Fair at Tatura on June 6th. Our judge is Christine Chaffer.  We are also sponsoring a Riding Pony ring at the All Breeds Show Society Foal Show Spectacular on Sunday June 13th at the Elmore Equestrian Centre. The program is available via the All Breeds Show Society’s Facebook page as they are running the show and providing the judge.

As a committee we welcome feedback and participation from the entire membership, so please connect with our elected committee and share your thoughts and needs.