History of the RP Society – WA Branch

In the winter of 1979, twenty-seven people gathered at the Royal Agricultural Society (RAS) for a general meeting to form the WA Branch of the Australian Riding Ponies as they were called. From that meeting our first executive was elected. Mrs Margaret Campbell (Balmoral Stud) as President, Mrs Lesley Barrett-Lennard (Drumclyer Stud) as Treasurer and Mrs Helen Moore (Thorne Park Stud) as Secretary. Every person present was asked to donate $10 to set us on our way.

As was the rules back then, every pony has to be classified into sections A, B, C or D according to breeding. So early in the 1980’s, Mrs Lee Sinclair, Mr Geoff Penaluna and Mr Eric Dudley flew over from Victoria and traveled around WA classifying almost 100 horses and ponies. This system continued for some years until it was decided to let the showring be the judge.

Our first show was held in 1983 which was to become our annual Riding Pony Show including Led and Ridden Riding Ponies of the Year. It was a battle, initially, to have our ponies accepted as a breed and be allowed to compete at the Perth Royal Show, but after much persistence we were eventually acknowledged and a new breed was added to the program.

From these humble beginnings, it is almost inconceivable to see where and how far our wonderful ponies have come. Undoubtedly the leading ponies and galloways in the showring today are Riding Ponies.

Topcroft Troupadour imp
Approved Stallion
Born: 1968
Sire: Kirby Cane Plunder
Dam: Topcroft Lovelilt
Owned by Margaret Campbell (Balmoral)

Kinlieth Pendragon
Approved Stallion
Born: 1978
Sire: Rotherwood Commander imp
Dam: Cennen Partridge imp
Owned by Helen Moore (Thorne Park)
Ridden by Clayton Fredericks

Beaconview Lindy Lou
Section B
Born: 1977
Sire: Topcroft Troupadour imp
Dam: Balmoral Brunetta
Owned by Thorne Park
Ridden by Lisa Hall (nee Baird)















St Blaise Golden Touch
Section B
Born: 1978
Sire: Marapona Cymru
Dam: Terra Bella
Owned by Fiona Holdman

Janiember Adventurous
Section B
Born: 1981
Sire: Rotherwood Commander imp
Dam: Calypso
Owned by passed President Evan Hughes

Morningside Emily Kate
Section C
Born: 1979
Sire: Barolin Ensign
Bred by Marg Gillies (Morningside)
Ridden by Michael Weir














Yarra Springs Lovebird
Section C
Born: 1976
Sire: Rhyl Carousel
Dam: Yarra Springs Possum
Ridden by Sarah Moore

Yamegi Mentor (First Impressions)
Born: 1978
Sire: Moonglow
Dam:Yamegi Galena
Owned and Ridden by Clayton Fredericks

Marapona Touch of Class
Born: 1977
Sire: Barolin Ensign
Dam: Marapona Sally
Bred and owned by the Baird Family















Misbah (imp)
Born 1975
Approved Stallion
Sire: Taqah
Dam: Athene
Owned by Leedale Lodge