• Full RPSBS Showing Rules apply click here
  • The pony must be a Registered Riding Pony.
  • The competition is based on the OWNER or LESSEE of the Pony.
  • Any rider may ride the pony.
  • The OWNER or LESSEE must be a current financial member at the time of the competition. So make sure your membership is current BEFORE you compete.
  • Current Ownership or Lease must be recorded with the RPSBS Ltd.
  • Where a pony is owned or leased by two or more people then all are required to remain financial members of the RPSBS Ltd to be eligible.
  • Geldings must be adult registered as geldings (not colt or stallion registrations)
  • A colt must be stallion recorded at 2 years of age or older.
  • If a pony is sold, the points can transfer to the new owner as long as that new owner is  Financial Member of the RPSBS. Please email publicity@rpsbs.com.au as soon as possible to notify of the change.
The Competition
  • The results must be obtained within the awards year of 1st August 2018 – 1st June 2019.
  • The final results will be accepted up until 5pm 1st June 2019.
  • Only results submitted within 2 weeks of the event being held will be considered. This is to allow us to update the leaderboards, and to assist with administration.
  • Only ONE result per a competition / per a category will be accepted. So make sure you submit your highest result.
  • All results will be verified, so make sure you include the shows contact information when submitting results.
  • Results will only be accepted via our online form.
  • TOP 5 refers to the three highest placed ponies after the winner and runner up.
Amateur Owner
  • Within the categories of  ridden and led show / hunter pony a High Point Amateur Owner Award will be awarded to the highest placed nominated Amateur Owner.
  • The RPSBS Amateur Rules apply click here
  • During the awards year of 1st August 2018 – 1st June 2019 the pony must not be ridden, trained or handled by any professional.
  • The word ‘’Amateur’’ includes all of the following meanings:
    • A person who engages in a sport for pleasure rather than for financial benefit or professional reasons;
    • A sports person who does not compete for payment and
    • A person inexperienced in a particular activity.
  • When submitting results you must tick the Amateur Owner section to be eligible.
  • A Junior can also enter the Amateur Owner as long as the above criteria applies.
  • Within the categories of  ridden and led show / hunter pony an additional High Point Junior Award will be awarded to the highest placed nominated Junior.
  • When submitting results you must tick the Junior section to be eligible.
  • A Junior member is considered under 18 years old as at the 1st August 2018.
  • The pony must be owned by the immediate family or the Junior, within a current single, joint or family partnership membership.
  • The Junior must be a current financial member of the RPSBS.
  • The Junior must be the rider or handler in ALL of the results submitted.
  • The pony can still be competed by other riders / professionals in other classes, however these results are not eligible to be counted and cannot be submitted.
  • A pony can only appear on each leaderboard once, so you must decide at the beginning whether to enter the Junior award and have only Junior results counted, or have all results counted and not be eligible for the Junior award.

Equal Points at the conclusion of the Leaderboard

  • Should the 1st and 2nd place end up on equal points, the Owners will be contacted and ask to provide an additional 5 results that still meet the criteria in order to separate the two placings.
Announcing the Winners
  • Winners will be privately notified on the 8th of June 2019.
  • The Winners will be announced at the 2019 Annual General Meeting on the 8th June, 2019.
  • Winners will then be publicly announced on Social Media / the RPSBS Website.

Points Allocation

Champion Reserve 1st 2nd 3rd 4th
Riding Pony Classes
RPSBS State Committee Shows 40 30 20 15 10 9
Riding Pony Class at Royal / HOTY 30 20 15 10 9 8
Riding Pony Class at Ag Shows 15 10 9 8 7 6
Open Classes (Show Pony or Show Hunter)
Open Class at Ag, EA, SHC Show 8 5 4 3 2 1
Royal / HOTY 20 10 9 8 7 6
EA Nationals / SHC Grand Nationals 30 20 10 9 8 7

Performance Pony Dressage / Jumping / Eventing

1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th
EA Official Pony Dressage / Jumping 20 10 9 8 7 6
Unofficial / Pony Club / HRCAV Dressage or Jumping 10 9 8 7 6 5