2023 September Bulletin

Office Report


Registrations & Memberships are being CHECKED by Breed & Show Societies, therefore, if you are competing in any show run under RPSBS Rules then you MUST ensure your pony is REGISTERED and entered in the  correct exhibitors name (YOU, THE REGISTERED OWNER), then ensure you, the EXHIBITOR are a CURRENT Financial member.  If you are not handling or Riding the pony, then, make certain that your HANDLER or RIDER is at least a PARTICIPANT Member of the RPSBS.

Remember Ponies 4 years and over MUST be adult registered and cannot be shown on foal-recorded registrations. All colts 2 years and over must be adult registered.

Check the studbook online to see the current status of your membership and your pony’s registration. 

Stallion Nominations: 
 Spring has arrived, so, if you are using or plan to use your Stallion, then check that he meets all the requirements and lodge your Stallion Nominations.  The Stallion Nomination form is available on the website and the Rules are available on the back of the form for your convenience.

Member Renewals: All membership renewal notices were sent to members in early June and reminders were sent late July, just prior to Memberships being lapsed on 1st August.  Renewing Members are encouraged to use the online facility to renew their memberships as this is instant. This facility is available by logging onto the Riding Pony Stud Book Society: Login using your membership number.  Once logged on press the Home key at the top left corner to take you to the Renew Membership option.

Contact Details: Members are also able to amend their personal details online by logging onto Riding Pony Stud Book Society: Login. Members are encouraged to check that their information on the system is up to date.  Our primary contact with you is via email so it is imperative that your email address is correct and that you check your emails (inbox and junk/spam folders) regularly.  PLEASE NOTE: Names on memberships cannot be amended as they relate directly to ownership of animals and historical studbook information.

Payment References:  Please reference all payments with your name and the ponies name it relates to please.  Ensure you submit any/all paperwork relating to your direct deposits immediately to enable your payment to be receipted promptly and correctly before end of month reconciliations.

Upcoming Events

8th October 2023 – WA Senior Riding Pony of the Year Show
29th October 2023 – SA Pageant in the Park Show
4th November 2023 – SA Riding Pony of the Year Show
26th November 2023 – NSW State Riding Pony Show


13th January 2024 – VIC Riding Pony of the Year Show
13th January 2024 – TAS State Riding Pony Show
21st January 2024 – SA All Breeds Summer Show

2023 RPSBS Annual

Thank you to our members and advertisers for supporting the 2023 RPSBS Annual.

The annual has been printed and will be hitting mailboxes in the coming weeks.

With the show season in full swing, you can now submit photos for 2024,
and these photos may also be shared on social media for current events!

If you have competed at any of the recent royals, submit your photos now!

SA Committee

  • Pageant in the Park – Breedorama @ Strathalbyn Pologrounds, Sunday 29th October 2023
  • SA RPOTY (combined with All Welsh Show) @ Strathalbyn Pologrounds, Saturday 4th November 2023
  • SA RPSBS All Breeds Summer Show Sunday 21st January 2024 @ Strathalbyn Polo grounds (interstate competitors welcome) – program and information to come.

Sponsorship opportunity SA RPOTY 2023

We are a very small committee and are looking to have all champion / grand champion and supreme classes sponsored! Last year was the first year we had all championships sponsored and the outcome was very positive! Below is a list of the sponsorship opportunities we have available. All products will be labelled with sponsors’ name and logo, all winners will receive a sponsors list to acknowledge their sponsor, plus advertising on our state Facebook page, all RPOTY advertising and over the show day.

Champion Class Sponsorship ~ $50 Embroidered Tote / Document Bag
Grand Champion Class Sponsorship ~ $100 Bridle Bag
Grand Supreme Class Sponsorship ~ $150 Woollen Rug


Congratulations on your successful Royal Adelaide Show for 2023
Photos: Lisa Gordon – pictured in order

Claire & Tiana Schaefer ~ Rosegate Serenade 

Catherine Gale & Elizabeth Francis ~ Royalwood Enchanting 

Belle Ker ~ McArthurparc Star Soprano 


2898603.jpg   2898604.jpg

QLD Committee

Congratulations to the QLD Members who competed at the Royal Queensland Show

For the full results of the Riding Pony Classes Click here

Photos: Lisa Gordon

2898618.jpg   2898627.jpg
Masterpiece of Hannaley SUPREME CHAMPION RIDING PONY shown by Jess Hannan
Tremayne Lady Marmalade BEST RIDING PONY YOUNGSTOCK shown By Kristen Bates Taunton

2898621.jpg  2898623.jpg

Emyella Enchantment CHAMPION RIDING PONY UNDER SADDLE ridden by Elyse Douglas
Tremayne Chorus Girl CHAMPION LED OVERHEIGHT RIDING PONY shown By Ashley Harris

WA Committee


NSW Committee

NSW would like to remind members that the 2023 State show will be held on Sunday  26 November at the Nth Richmond Polo Grounds. 

Entry will be via SAMMS so please ensure your membership is current and all ponies are registered in the correct owner name. If a transfer is required please get on to this without delay.

A further reminder that all handlers and riders must be either RPSBS members in their own right or participant members. If you are unsure speak to the office.

Further details of judges are available on the NSW website and the extended program will be available very soon.

We look forward to seeing our NSW members at the show.