2021 WA RPSBS Youngstock Show

Photos: Aussie Platinum Photography (Jan McQueen)

It was really nice to see new and old members turn up to our show, Given the recent Covid 19 scare in Perth and the Recent Bushfires that wreaked havoc for some in our northern regions. Numbers were down but we were determined to put a show on and hopefully everyone had a lovely day…

It was laid back day classes starting at 9am and pretty much finished by 1pm. Just in time for our judges and stewards to have their lunch.

A big thanks to Eileen Morris (Gem Park Stud) for Judging and allowing Mrs. Carman Sampson to Shadow Judge with her and our Steward and Marshall Jenine Fawcett.

Also Our Sponsors.

  • BerryBank Stud
  • Priory Stud (Jade O Brien)
  • Foxwood Farrier Services
  • Poseiden Equine Products (Shannara Beresi)

We Would also like to Thank The WPCS WA Committee to whom we Shared the grounds with.

Melody Park Heir Apparent


Two year old Filly Over 13hh, Ne 14hh

Winner Wynara Luscious

Runner up Yarralea Gracious Kitty

Two year old Colt or Gelding over 12hh, Ne 13hh

Winner Whitmere Benjamin Button

Runner up Yarralea Minks Agent

Champion Wynara Luscios

Reserve Whitmere Benjamin Buttons

Three year old Filly over 12.1hh, Ne 13.1hh

Winner Kirralea Centerfold

Runner up Eleanor Rose

Three year old Colt or Gelding Ne 12.1hh

Winner Whitmere Marquess

Three year old Colt or Gelding over 13.1hh, Ne 14.1hh

Winner  Thorne Park Carlo

Champion Kirralee Centrefold

Reserve Whitmere Marquess

Show Hunter Ponies

Two year and Three year old Filly Ne 14hh

Winner  Willow Valley Bouquet

Champion  Willow Valley Bouquet

Part Welsh

Three year old class

Winner Eleanor Rose

Champion Eleanor Rose

Arabian Derivative

Two year old class

Winner Yarralea Gracious Kitty

Runner up Wynara Luscious

Three year old class

Winner Eleanor Rose

Champion  Yarralea Gracious Kitty

Reserve Wynara Luscious

Supreme Youngstock     Kiralee Centerfold

Ridden Classes

Ridden Show Pony over 12.2hh Ne 13.2hh

Winner  Kirralea Composer

Runner up Lyndhurst Queen of Hearts

Champion Kirralee Composer

Reserve Lyndhurst Queen of Hearts

Ridden Show Hunter Ponies

Ridden Show Hunter Pony over 13.2hh Ne 14.2hh

Winner Kennallywood Alabama

Runner up Melody Park Heir Apparent

Champion Kennallywood Alabama

Reserve Melody Park Heir Apparent

Ridden Childs Show/Hunter Pony

Ridden Childs Show/Hunter Pony over 12.2hh and Ne 13.2hh

Winner Lyndhurst Queen of Hearts

Ridden Childs Show/Hunter Pony over 13.2hh and Ne 14.2hh

Winner Melody Park Heir Apparent

Runner up Kennallywood Alabama

Champion Melody Park Heir Apparent

Reserve Kennallywood Alabama

Supreme Ridden  Melody Park Heir Apparent

Willow Valley Bouquet
Yarralea Gracious Kitty
Kiralee Centerfold
Kennallywood Alabama
Kirralee Composer