2021 State Committee Nominations

Please visit the state website news pages for resumes for the candidates. 

New South Wales:  2 vacancies and 2 valid nominations.

Congratulations to Di Godfrey and Sandra James on being re-elected.

Queensland:  5 vacancies and 3 valid nominations.

Congratulations to Amanda O’Sullivan, Peter Hudson and Greg Smith on being re-elected.

Victoria: 3 vacancies and 4 valid nominations.

An online election will be held to select 3 committee members from the following nominations:

Jodie Dalgleish, Di Jose, Sally Murrell-Rich and Rebecca Wall.

All financial, Victorian members with voting rights will be emailed instructions on how to vote before 1st April, 2021.

Tasmania:  7 vacancies and 3 valid nominations.

Congratulations to Jess Campbell for her re-election and Alana Mineham and Janelle Calder on their election.

South Australia:  2 vacancies and no nominations

Western Australia:  3 vacancies and 1 valid nomination

Congratulations to Marlene Kinder on her election to committee.