2021 August Bulletin

From the Board

RPSBS Annual General Meeting was held on via Zoom and we had 28 register to attend.

The RPSBS Board consists of:

  • Chair – Sandra James NSW
  • Vice Chair Kathryn Thomas WA
  • Greg Gerry Vic
  • Andrew Hunt SA
  • Peter Hudson Qld
  • Sue Quarrell Tas

Draft Minutes of this meeting will be available on the RPSBS website soon.

Congratulations to our new National Secretary Michelle Larsen Pennie for applying for this position and bringing with her a vast knowledge of Administrative practices / Showing / breeding Riding Ponies. All correspondence relating to Riding Pony Board, Judge and Committee matters should be sent to secretary@rpsbs.com.au , whilst registry matters should still be directed to the National Office on general@rpsbs.com.au

Well winter has well and truly come  and hopefully gone with all the rain and mud, let’s look forward to some bright sunny days and welcome all the new Riding Pony foals due this season, please remember to register your foals so as to get them into the stud book for future shows and especially if they are to be sold on, chasing up foal certificates or stallion service certificates adds to the wait time in registering older Riding Ponies.

The Board will be meeting via Zoom every month to get on top of pressing matters and to do forward planning for our members, it is unfortunate that with the current Covid-19 restrictions that many shows are being cancelled or postponed to a later date, please keep looking at our website and FB page for up to date news.

From the National Office

A reminder that the RPSBS Ltd Registry Office is unmanned at the current time as Hawkesbury LGA is in lockdown.

Our Registry Staff are all working remotely and can be contacted via email.  If you require a call back, please send an email with a description of your enquiry, best contact number and best time to call back (between 8am and 4pm) and we will have the most appropriate staff member call you back if the enquiry cannot be handled via email.

Member Renewals: All membership renewal notices were sent to members in June and reminders were sent in July.  Renewing Members are encouraged to use the online facility to renew their memberships. This is available by logging onto the Studbook at https://www.sammsonline.com/rpsb/login/login.cfm?calledby=/rpsb/studbook.cfm using your membership number.  Once logged on press the Home key at the top left corner to take you to the Renew Membership option.  Please contact the office if you have not received a membership renewal notice.

Amend your personal details online
Members are also able to amend their personal details online by logging onto the SAMMS database. Members are encouraged to check that their information on the system is up-to-date. PLEASE NOTE: Names on memberships cannot be amended as they relate directly to ownership of animals and historical studbook information.

Payment References
Please reference all payments with your name and the ponies name it relates to if possible. Please also ensure paperwork is submitted immediately on making any direct bank transfers to ensure payments can be receipted promptly and correctly before end of month reconciliations.

Important reminder when submitting paperwork for Registrations / Transfers / Leases etc
Please use the new and current forms on the website as some fees have changed.  Also, please ensure you use the correct form as a Reciprocal Registration has different requirements to one that needs to be signed by the breeder.

Stallion Nominations
Spring is almost here, so, if you are planning to use your Stallion, then check you meet all the requirements and get your Stallion Nominations in.  The form is available on the website at: https://www.rpsbs.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2021/07/RPSBS-Nomination-for-Stallions-at-Stud-01062021.pdf  The Rules are available on the website and on the back of the form for your convenience.

RPSBS Judges Seminar

The RPSBS Judges seminar with UK judges and breeders for all existing RPSBS  judges and RPSBS members for free on Thursday 9th Sept at p.m. (EST.), but also invite any new judge who want to apply for application to download the New Judges form from the RPSBS Website and check the criteria to apply.

There will be 5 prizes on offer for all who attend in the form of a draw of names in a raffle.

We also extend an invite to non members and SHC Judges to attend for a fee $20, especially if they are looking at coming onto the RP judges list.

An application form with bank details will be available soon from secretary@rpsbs.com.au , deposit money into RPSBS account  and an email with the  link will be sent to all applicants.

2021 RPSBS Annual

The 2021 RPSBS Ltd Annual has been printed will be in your mailbox in the coming weeks! Thank you to the state committees and members for their contributions during these trying times.