2020 Victorian State Annual Meeting of Members

         Date:  May, 2020                   Place: Online

         Chair/Director/Acting Treasurer:   Robert Cockram

         Vice Chair: Di Josie   Secretary (non-executive): Cathy Rae

  1.     Click here for 2019 RPSBS Vic SAM Minutes

            Click here for 2019 RPSBS Vic  Election of  Office Bearers Minutes

Motion:   That the Minutes of the 2019 RPSBS Vic State Annual Meeting and the 2019 Election of Office Bearer’s Meeting are accepted.   Carried by email on 18th May, 2020

  1.       Click here for 2020 RPSBS Vic Chair Report  presented by Robert Cockram.
  1.     Click here for 2020 Vic Director Report  presented by Robert Cockram.
  1.     Click here for 2020 Vic Treasurer Report presented by Robert Cockram
  1.     Click here for 2020 Vic Audited Financial Statement

         Click here for 2020 RPSBS Vic Audit Report prepared by the auditors, Galpins of South Australia.

  1.      The Auditor for 2020 – 21 will be appointed at the 2020 RPSBS Ltd. Annual General Meeting of Members.
  1.   Seven eligible financial member nominated for the four vacant positions. They are:

Robert Cockram; Annie Coxon; Jodie Dalgleish; Paul Dunstan; Marlene Hart; Tara Kirk: and Sally Rich.

  1. A ballot of all eligible financial voting members will be conducted at the end of May and beginning of June so that the new committee can be finalised before the Annual General Meeting which will be conducted online on the afternoon of Saturday, 27th June, 2020. Victorian members will be emailed a link to cast their ballots on line.  For members with no registered email addresses, ballot papers will be posted.

The election of office bearers meeting will be convened once the new victorian committee has been announced.