2020 May Bulletin

From the Board

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and relevant Government Directions and restrictions
regarding social distancing, the RPSBS Ltd Board of Directors issues the following directives:

RPSBS Ltd. Annual General Meeting
The Annual General Meeting of RPSBS Ltd. Members scheduled for Saturday 27th June 2020 at Sydney Airport Holiday Inn will now be held online using Zoom’s Webinar technology. The meeting will be for one hour commencing at 1.00pm, Saturday 27th June, 2020.

All eligible financial RPSBS Ltd. members will receive an email at the beginning of June containing the AGM reports and audited financial statements for 2020. The email will also contain a link for members wishing to “attend” the online meeting to register for the meeting. Registrations to attend the AGM will close at 4.00pm Friday 12th June, 2020. Questions relating to the Audited Financials or any of the reports must be submitted to the National Office by that date.

An AGM attendance proxy form is also available on the RPSBS web site at https://www.rpsbs.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2020/03/Annual-General-Meeting-Proxy.pdf

State Annual Meetings
All State Annual Meetings for 2020 are to be replaced by online reporting.
Audited State Financial Reports, State Chair Reports, State Treasurers’ Reports, Board Directors’ Reports, acceptance of nominees to the committee and the 2019 State Annual Meeting minutes are to be posted on the relevant State web sites by 24th May, 2020. Minutes of the 2019 State Annual Meetings are to be ratified by state committee members who were present at the State Annual Meetings by email and then signed off by the State Chair before being posted. A State Facebook Page announcement is to be posted when the material has been uploaded to the State web site.

Election of State Committees
If there is no need for a ballot to be conducted, members whose nominations for election to the State Committees and are deemed eligible will be accepted onto their respective committees as of 24th May 2020. If a ballot is required, that ballot will be conducted by the National Office when staff are once again working from the office at full capacity. Until that time state committees requiring an election will remain as at 1st April, 2020.

Election of State Committee Office Bearers’ Meetings
Will not be held due to the current Government restrictions in place relating to ‘social distancing’. All face to face meetings are to be postponed until further notice. This raises issues in maintaining requisite voting anonymity and therefore the decision has been made that all existing office bearers as of 1st April, 2020 will hold their positions until a meeting for the election of office bearers is able to be called. If an office bearer resigns from their position, the Chair (or Acting Chair) will call for nominations from the State Committee members by email for that vacant position. If a vote is needed the National Office will be informed and electronic voting will be conducted by the national secretary. This will guarantee the confidentiality of the committee members’ votes. Due to the recent office bearer’s elections, Western Australia office bearers will retain their positions until the 2021 WA Election of Office Bearers’ Meeting held immediately after the close of the WA 2021 State Annual Meeting.

RPSBS Activities
No RPSBS Shows, Clinics or Seminars are to be held until further notice. Due to the current Government imposed restrictions on social distancing, members need to assume that there will be no activity before 1st September 2020. This is dependent on the current COVID-19 related restrictions and is subject to review considering any changes to the Government restrictions.

RPSBS Judges
No RPSBS Judges will be removed from the RPSBS List of Judges in 2020 for failing to have
attended a RPSBS Judges’ Seminar in the last three years. All judges, however, will be
required to complete and return the 2020 Judges’ Audit form in September.

Committee Meetings / Board Meetings
All RPSBS State Committee Meetings and RPSBS Board Meetings will be conducted by
electronic means until the relevant state restrictions are lifted to allow such meetings to be

Congratulations to all the 2019 – 2020 RPSBS National Highpoint Competition winners.
Announcements about next season Highpoint Competition will be postponed until such
time as this crisis has passed and shows have re-commenced.

Newcomer Registrations
Newcomer Registrations for the 2019-2020 or 2020 year (depending on the State) will
rollover to the next Newcomer Year so that all animals presently registered as a Newcomer
will be able to compete in the next year’s competition.

New Member Initiatives 
The launch of the RPSBS Ltd. National Online Foal Show and Children’s Colouring
Competition in this Bulletin highlights the Board’s endeavours to focus on new initiatives to
support our members. Our thanks to Despina Mitrakas of Show Pony Graphics for organising
these activities

The moratorium on extra charges for the registration of animals not registered in their year
of birth that was due to expire on 30/6/2020. This has now been extended to 30/6/2021.

Next Board Meeting
The next Board Meeting will be held by video conference on Sunday 28th June 2020
commencing 9.00am EST. Deadline for submissions to the Board and all reports are due by
4.00pm Monday 8th June 2020.

From the Office

  • Although the staff are working from home, it is business as usual. We encourage you to use the time you have at home to catch up on any outstanding registry paperwork. We are very aware that many of our members may be experiencing financial difficulties during this
    unprecedented crisis, so we recommend that you submit registrations, transfers, leases etc even though it may be necessary to delay the payment. Simply include a covering note/email to explain your situation and request to organise regular manageable payments.
  • We must also re-iterate that online payments must include a reference and the related paperwork MUST be lodged immediately following payment.
  • It is also important to note that Credit Card payments must include all relevant
    details. Omitting the expiry date only delays your paperwork and in turn all others after you.

2020 RPSBS Annual

RPSBS Annual Advertising Closes this Friday

2044920.jpgPlease download our media kit here

Why advertise?

  • Promote your stud or business to a riding pony audience.
  • Free promotion on our social media channels.
  • Priority photo inclusion.
  • Adverts over 1/2 size get a free foal photo inclusion in
    our foal gallery.

Photo Submissions
We are now looking for photo submissions from members. Advertisers get priority photos, and more than one photo included. Remember you must be a member and the pony a registered riding pony for inclusion. Photos are included on a first come first served basis, so get your photos in!

Photos will only be accepted via submission using our online form: 
Submit your photos at: https://www.rpsbs.com.au/upcoming-annual/

2020 RPSBS Ltd Online Foal Show

Just three weeks to go until entries close! Find out more information here.

Our Judges are: 
Annabelle Hampton (New Zealand)  Dianne Nicholson (United Kingdom)

Profiles on our judges are coming very soon.


Hygain RPSBS Ltd Children’s Colouring Competition

Just three weeks to go until entries close! Find out more information here.

A FREE Competition for child members, and children of members to enter,
to win some great prizes from Hygain.

Our placegetters will be featured in the annual! So get colouring!


2019 – 2020 National Annual High Point Awards

Big Congratulations to our winners and placegetters
in the 2019-2020 RPSBS Ltd National Highpoint Awards.

A full report with profiles on our winners will be in the 2020 RPSBS Ltd Annual.


Barastoc Horse www.barastochorse.com.au
Supreme Horseware www.supremehorseware.com.au
Duncan Equine Group www.duncanequine.com.au
Hufglocken www.hufglocken.com

  • PLEASE ensure you read the rules before entering. This will help also avoid you spending more time than you need to on entries.
  • Due to the large amount of entries we are getting, we cannot contact each one of you when you submit entries incorrectly.
  • Only ONE result counts per a show (so your highest result) per a leaderboard. So your best ridden, and best led result for instance.
  • The Junior Rider / Handler Leaderboard is specifically for Junior RIDER classes or HANDLER classes, only these class types count for these new leaderboards.

If you have any questions before submitting your results please email publicity@rpsbs.com.au