2020 June Bulletin

From the Board

Due to the COVID – 19 pandemic, Government restrictions and social distancing, the RPSBS Ltd Board of Directors issues the following directives:

RPSBS Ltd. Annual General Meeting: The Annual General Meeting of RPSBS Ltd. Members scheduled for Saturday 27th June 2020 at Sydney Airport Holiday Inn will now be held online using Zoom’s Webinar technology. The meeting will be for one (1) hour commencing at 1pm on Saturday 27th June, 2020.

All eligible financial RPSBS Ltd. members have received an email containing the the link https://www.rpsbs.com.au/2020-rpsbsltd-agm/ on the RPSBS web site for eligible voting members wishing to register to “attend” the online Annual General Meeting of RPSBS Ltd. Members.

Registrations to attend the AGM will close at 4.00pm Friday 12th June, 2020. The audited financials and all reports are posted on the RPSBS web site. Questions for the AGM relating to the Audited Financials or any of the reports must be submitted to the National Office by 4.00 pm Thursday 18th June, 2020.

An AGM attendance proxy form is also available on the RPSBS web site at https://www.rpsbs.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2020/03/Annual-General-Meeting-Proxy.pdf

All State Annual Meetings for 2020 were replaced by online reporting. Audited State Financial Reports, State Chair Reports, State Treasurers’ Reports, Board Directors’ Reports, acceptance of nominees to the committee and the 2019 State Annual Meeting minutes have been posted on the relevant State web sites.

Election of State Committees: Where no ballot was required for members who successfully nominated for their State Committees, these members were elected to their respective committees as of 24th May 2020.  A ballot was required for The Victorian RPSBS Ltd State Committee and that ballot closes on Thursday 12th June 2020 with the announcement of the newly elected committee members being made on Friday 13th June.

Election of State Committee Office Bearers’ Meetings: The office bearers for each state committee remain as they were on April 1st until such time as the state committee can convene an Election of Office Bearer’s Meeting.  The Western Australia office bearers will remain as at their February election until the 2021 WA State Annual Meeting.  If an office bearer resigns from their position, the Chair (or Acting Chair) will call for nominations from the State Committee members by email for that vacant position.  If a vote is needed the National Office will be informed and electronic voting will be conducted by the Board Secretary. This is necessary to guarantee voting confidentiality.

No RPSBS Judges will be removed from the RPSBS List of Judges in 2020 for failing to have attended a RPSBS Judges’ Seminar in the last three years.  All judges, however, will be required to complete and return the 2020 Judges’ Audit form in September.  It is important that all judges complete and return the audit form.

RPSBS Activities: With the restrictions being eased, Clinics, Seminars or Shows with strictly enforced limits on the number of competitors and helpers can now be held provided a state committee member is elected as Safety Officer whose duty includes ensuring all current COVID-19 safety protocols are fully implemented and that social distancing is enforced for the entire event.

Member Details: Would all members please check their details on the Studbook.  It is with regret that we have some members that we have not been able to contact. To check your details click on the following link : https://www.sammsonline.com/rpsb/studbook.cfm

All RPSBS State Committees are requested to monitor the restriction in their individual states so that meetings can be convened as soon as possible to elect their committees for 2020 and to prepare for their events.

The next Board Meeting will be held by video conference on Sunday 28th June 2020 commencing 9.00am EST.  Deadline for submissions to the Board and all reports are due by 4.00pm Monday 8th June 2020.

2020 RPSBS Ltd Online Foal Show

Thank you to the members who made the effort to enter! The entries are currently with the judges, and the results will be available on the website in the coming weeks and published in the July Newsletter.

Hygain RPSBS Ltd Children’s Colouring Competition

Thank you to all the children who entered our colouring competition! We had 30 entries which was wonderful. View our placegetters online.

Big thank you to Hygain who is supplying show bags to all of our placegetters!

Click here to view our winners and placegetters.

WA Committee News

The WA Committee would like to remind it’s members that all eligible Newcomer Entries close 30th June 2020.

Newcomer Registrations for the 2019-2020 or 2020 year will rollover to the next Newcomer Year so that all animals presently registered as a Newcomer will be able to compete in the next year’s competition.

Click here for the nomination form

All enquires to :
Amanda Gilberd, WA RPSBS Secretary.
PO Box 623 Pinjarra WA 6208
Email: agilberd@bigpond.com. Phone enq: 0412 456184