2019 November Newsletter

From the Board

An important notice for all RPSBS members:

The recent 7.30 Report on the racing together with the Senate inquiry into the feasibility of a national equine tracking scheme which would require all horses to be registered with a recognised Society has highlighted the responsibility Societies have to the welfare of its animals. RPSBS Ltd. will keep you informed of developments as they come to hand. The 2019 AGM Chair Report highlighted the welfare of our ponies as one of the many important reasons for declaring that breeders register their Riding Ponies in the year of birth.

The Society has continually offered assistance to breeders and owners of unregistered or non-transferred animals in getting their paperwork in order. Listed below are some of the notices given previously to members offering assistance:

  1. A moratorium in place for 3 years up to July 31, 2019 to give owners of multiple ponies a chance to catch up on their paperwork;
  2.  If you do have animals that are not registered please at least get the paperwork done and submitted to the office. Payment plans can even be made with the office to assist members that have a few unregistered animals.
  3. If in drought or financial hardship please contact the National Office. They will be only too happy to negotiate special arrangements.
  4. If members have a number of animals yet to be registered or are in financial difficulty at the moment we urge them to contact the office for assistance and to negotiate special arrangements.
  5. The Board is very much aware of the financial hardship affecting breeders struggling to cope with the drought. Remember that all transactions apart from membership can be paid off. Please submit your paperwork with a letter advising that you need to pay it off and the documentation will be filed and processed when it is paid off.

Unfortunately many members have either not taken notice of these offers of assistance or have been reluctant to ask for assistance. Members can be assured that any any requests for assistance will be treated in strictest confidence. With this in mind and the ongoing severity of the drought which has affected most members the moratorium in relation to additional charges for registering animals after 1 year old has been extended to June 30, 2020.

The Board does remind breeders that current events reinforce the Society’s commitment to having all Riding Ponies bred registered in the year of birth.

These notices are only sent to current financial members of RPSBS Ltd. Please share these notices with RPSBS friends and acquaintances that are not currently financial.

The next Board meeting was announced last Bulletin incorrectly as being on January 15th.
The Board meeting is actually being held on January 8th. With the Christmas/ New Year holidays the cutoff date for submissions to that meeting is Friday 13th December.
Traditionally this meeting reviews the Judges’ Policy and this meeting will also be looking at the Risk Management Policy and the list of approved breeds.

2019 – 2020 National Annual High Point Awards

Support the initiative that supports our members!

  • We have changed sponsorship to make it even more affordable than ever with sponsorship starting at $60.00 This is a super opportunity to promote your business on the RPSBS Social Media Accounts, in magazines such as Horse Deals, in our newsletters and on our website!  Email publicity@rpsbs.com.au for a media kit.
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Please Support our Sponsors
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Duncan Equine Group www.duncanequine.com.au
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  • PLEASE ensure you read the rules before entering. This will help also avoid you spending more time than you need to on entries.
  • Due to the large amount of entries we are getting, we cannot contact each one of you when you submit entries incorrectly.
  • Only ONE result counts per a show (so your highest result) per a leaderboard. So your best ridden, and best led result for instance.
  • The Junior Rider / Handler Leaderboard is specifically for Junior RIDER classes or HANDLER classes, only these class types count for these new leaderboards.

If you have any questions before submitting your results please email publicity@rpsbs.com.au

2019 Upcoming Events

17th November 2019 – NSW Riding Pony of the Year Show

23rd November 2019 – VIC Equinade Ridden Riding Pony Pageant

11th January 2020 – VIC 2019 Equinade Riding Pony of the Year Show

19th January 2020 – VIC 2019 Equinade RPSBS Youngstock and Performance Show

8th February 2020 – VIC 2019 Equinade RPSBS Summer Festival

SA Committee News

Thank you to the SA Riding Pony Members for their support of the SA Riding Pony of the Year Show. Thank you to our judge Trish Bennett (NSW)

Thank you to our sponsors:

Wynara Stud (Lia Blacket) sponsored and provided garlands.
Rosegate Stud (Kate Holiday) – sponsored supreme ridden.
Argyl Stud – sponsored / garland for the supreme led of the show.
Rags for Nags (Julie Lloyd / Braefoot Park Stud) sponsored rugs.

 Congratulations to our Supreme winners. Click here for the full results.

Supreme Youngstock Exhibit: Cantik Park Checkmate

Grand Champion led show pony youngstock: Cantik Park Checkmate

Supreme Led Senior Exhibit: Earlsley Park Bo Peep

Grand Supreme Led exhibit: Earlsley Park Bo Peep

Grand Supreme Ridden Exhibit: Highgrove Make Believe

VIC Committee News

October was officially the start of the agricultural shows for us here in Victoria, with the very busy Wimmera run and our second Royal Show.

Geelong Royal had a busy Riding Pony ring on the Friday which is the same day as the Open Ponies and Hunter Ponies.  Was fantastic to see so many members out enjoying their beautiful ponies and supporting all the classes on offer.  Thank you to our riding pony panel judge Graham Elliot ( Newington Stud) and our steward Christine Chaffer (Gentry Park Stud) for officiating.  There are some lovely photos courtesy of Paul Morath loaded on our Facebook page.  Major results are as follows.

Wildeacre Black Diamond Supreme Ridden Riding Pony Exhibit
Whitmere Cosmopolitan Supreme Led Riding Pony Exhibit
Loriot Breaking Dawn Supreme Led Show Hunter Pony Exhibit

Our next show on the calendar is the Equinade Ridden Riding Pony Pageant to be held in conjunction with the SHCV HOYS on the 23rd of November at WPEC.

NSW Committee News

NSW Committee is looking forward to “The Willowcroft Stud 37th Annual NSW State Riding Pony Show” to be held at the prestigious Windsor Polo Club on 17th November. Our International judges and the many great sponsorships will ensure a fabulous day!

Entries are now open via Nominate and close on 6th November.

NO LATE ENTRIES will be available. We hope to see many members there!

Also NSW Committee wanted to express a sincere thank you to ENSW for supporting the Riding Pony Ring at 2019 Gunnedah Country Hack Championships. Great to see members competing in both the riding pony and open rings. Thank you to ENSW for a great event.

Finally members enjoyed a great day updating and gaining judging skills at the combined ENSW, SHC, and RPSBS Judges Seminar on 2nd November, great work on the day.

Please contact any committee members for additional information related to RPSBS by checking web, facebook page for up to date information.