2014 Equinade Riding Pony of the Year Show Pony Profiles

Amy Stewart Memorial Supreme Ridden Riding Pony Calvin Park Tiny Dancer – Daizi Plumb
Judges Beverly Moore (UK), Robert Parker Jones (UK) & Kate Treneman Trophy presented by Susy Stewart

Answers by Dale Plumb.

1: Name, age and breeding?

Elton, 6yo, sire- Royalwood Boy Soprano dam- Robannie Ribbons of Velvet.

2: How long have Daizi and Elton been in partnership, and what made you decide he was the pony for her?

Daizi had a ride on Elton just after he won the 2012 National Large Pony title and it was straight away that I realised he was the pony for her. However Daizi didn’t know he was to be hers until Christmas morning a few weeks later. Elton arrived at home the week before Canberra Royal, where they only had a few days together before competing at their first Royal together. 12 months later, they were sashed champion large pony at Canberra 2014.

3: What are thier major performances together?

*Grand National Large Pony 2014
*EV State Titles 2014 Runner Up Large Pony
*All States Showdown 2014 Champion Large Pony
*Canberra Royal 2014 Champion Large Pony
*RPOTY 2014 Supreme Ridden Riding Pony
*SHC HOTY 2013 Champion Large Pony
*Melbourne Royal 2014 winner of child’s and open pony and jnr turnout

4: What does an average week consist of for Elton?

Daizi is very dedicated to her ponies and works Elton nearly every night after school.

5: Do Elton and Daizi receive any help and lessons off you to get them where they are today?

No Daizi does all the hard work herself, I am just the strapper!!

6: How does he handle the big shows?

Elton is very well behaved at the shows and looks after Daizi whilst out in the ring.

7: Does he have any bad habits?


8: What does the future hold for Elton?

Once Daizi has finished with Elton her will be passed on to her younger sister Poppi.


Answers by Christine Comley of Rosdale Riding Ponies.

1: Name, age and breeding?

Rosedale Simplicity – yearling filly – Colbeach Simone (imp) x Turberry Tom Kitten (imp)

2: Major results to date?

Shown for the first time at the Melbourne Summer Royal – 2nd yearling filly and Reserve Champion Filly.
Competed later that day for RP Yearling of the Year and Supreme Youngstock Vic RPOTY.

3: What was it about this filly that made you decide to show her?

From a young foal I always thought she was very special, so I always intended to show her and retain her as a broodmare.

4: Why do you think the combination of her sire and dam have worked so well?

I think the combination of sire and dam worked very well; Colbeach Simone was a beautiful type but was also a very lovely natured mare and perhaps lacked an ‘engine’ ; Tom Kitten is also a lovely type and puts an amazing ability to sit up and move into his progeny.

5: Tell us a bit about Simplicity’s dam…

Colbeach Simone (imp) sadly passed away shortly after Simplicity was weaned. She herself was Champion Pony at Canberra Royal, Champion Childs Pony at Melbourne Royal, and Grand National Large Pony. She has produced our resident sires Rosedale Tempting and Cambridge, as well as R Eton in WA, and R Lords now at Willowcroft Stud. She has also produced Royal Show Champions R Simone and R Wembley.

6: Are there any full brothers or sisters to Simplicity out there?

She will sadly now have no full siblings; she does however have a close relation in R Lady Simone, who is out of her half sister R Simone and by Turberry Tom Kitten, now owned by Alexia Fraser in QLD.

7: What does the future hold for Simplicity?

Simplicity will be put in foal as a two year old, and then return to the show ring for a saddle career.

Meteor Showers – N, K & D Riemer Judge Beverley Moore (UK)


Answers by Nicole Reimer
1: Name, and breeding?

Meteor Showers, more commonly known as “J9” – His Sire is Strinesdale
Matador (UK) from Silkwood April Showers.

2: How long have you owned j9 and what made you decide he was the horse for you?

I bought J9 two years ago exactly. We have just finished our second season together, I took a day off work to fly up to look at him with Danyel, and we met Suz Worsley Deacon, his breeder and owner at the time, and we went to an indoor for a ride. It was only after I fell off another horse warming up on the Main Arena at Canberra Royal that I thought perhaps I should look for something else. I fell in love with him, and picked him up a few weeks later.

3: What are your major performances together?

J9 and I have achieved more than I can imagine in the two seasons we have been together, including:
*Champion Show Hunter Galloway for two years running at Barastoc International Challenge,
*VASL Saddle Horse Championships Show Hunter Galloway OTY
*Geelong Royal Show Champion Show Hunter Galloway
*Small Show Hunter Galloway Title at the SHCV All States Showdown
*Winner at SHCV Horse of the Year
* EV State Titles Show Hunter Galloway OTY
*Runner-up at SHC Grand Nationals
*Senior Led Riding Pony at the VIC Riding Pony of the Year Show
J8 and I will also be representing Victoria at the Australasian Saddle Horse Championships for the second year in December.

4: Does he have any interesting habits or quirks?

He is a funny horse, he is the Property Manager at home, he knows where
all the other horses are, at all times. If someone isn’t where they are
meant to be, he let’s you know about it. He keeps us amused! He is rather cheeky, like when I put a gazebo up in his yard… that didn’t last a day! And his “Lik-it” Stable ornament is just collecting dust….clearly not a fan!

5: What would an average week consist of for j9?

J9 normally get’s worked around 5 days a week, either a lunge or a ride, but often a lunge before work if during the week. He always gets a day off after a show, weekly mane washing to keep what small amount of growth we have, as we are shown with a half mane of fake plaits!

6: How does he handle the big shows?

J9 never get’s worked down normally for big shows, he’s a true show horse, looks like he’s going to explode, but look closely – I’ve got a whip and spurs!!

7: What is your most memorable moment you have had together?

There have been many memorable moments together, we have formed a
special partnership, I guess most recently when I fist-pumped to Danyel
in the crowd after winning the Barastoc International Challenge, and he
fist pumped too!

8: What does the future hold for j9?

J9 is currently having a little break before he is being used by a close
friend in the Fire and Protective Services Games, and then is in the
Masters Games. Then turned out before coming back in for the Royals.