Reviewed March, 2017

    1. The Society will not be responsible for the loss of, or for any damage or injury occasioned to any exhibit, or the property of any exhibitor from any cause whatsoever.
    2. The Exhibitor enters entirely at his/her own risk. Insurance rules apply.
    3. In case any exhibit whilst on the Society’s showground causes or is the cause of injury or damage to any other exhibit or exhibitor, to the person or property of any member of the Society or general public, the owner of such exhibit shall indemnify and keep indemnified the Society, its officers, officials and members, from and against all damages, costs, claims, expenses or liabilities incurred in connection with such exhibitors. The exhibitor will be liable to the Society and its employees, officers and officials for any damage or loss occasioned to any of them by the exhibitor or his agent.
    4. Age of ponies or horses taken from August 1st annually.
    5. All ponies four years and over must be adult registered.
    6. All ponies under four years must either be adult registered or foal recorded. All colts 2 years and over must be adult registered.
    7. All ponies competing must be microchipped and/or branded and registered with the RPSBS Ltd, owners/exhibitors must be current financial members of the Society.
    8. Ponies cannot be shown under saddle until three years of age.
    9. Handlers and riders of stallions and colts must be 18 years of age and over.
    10. Stallions must be bitted and kept under control at all times.
    11. Stallions and Colts 1 year and over as of 1st August must be bitted when shown. Handlers and riders of stallions or colts must be 18 years of age or over.
    12. All ponies are required to be measured. All ponies must have a current official height certificate or be subject to a day measurement. Life certificates are not accepted.            Entries will be received by the Show Secretary and are subject to the Rules and Regulations of the RPSBS Ltd.
      1. Exhibitors will abide by the Showing Rules & Regulations of the RPSBS Ltd and those set out in this document. If there is any inconsistency in the showing rules then the RPSBS Showing Rules apply.
      2. One of the listed exhibitors for each pony entered in Riding Pony classes must be a current financial member of RPSBS and must be the owner/lessee of the pony entered.
      3. All exhibitors will be bound by and must observe the decisions of the ground jury.
      4. The show’s Ground Jury reserves the right to adjudicate upon entry or upon any dispute or doubt and to make any determination upon any matter and this decision shall be final and not subject to appeal of any kind. Disputes/protests must be lodged in writing to the Show Secretary within 30 minutes of the completion of the class, together with deposit of $55.00 (GST inc) refundable if the protest is upheld.
      5. The Society shall have the power without assigning any reason to:
      • Reject or cancel any entry at any time
      • Cancel any event or class
      • Remove any exhibit from the show grounds
      • Transfer an exhibit or exhibitor from any class to another class
      • Add to or alter the program as necessary
      • Combine classes if there are insufficient entries
    1. There is to be no change of handler once a class has commenced without the permission of the judge.
    2. The Judge’s decision will be final.
    3. No person shall in any way consult or influence or attempt to influence the Judge or endeavour to Influence the Judge’s freedom of choice or judgment.
    4. The Society may alter the Judge for any particular event or class at any time it deems fit.
    5. Approved ASSA helmets must be worn at all times whilst riding. Any injury sustained by a person riding and not wearing an approved ASSA helmet will not be covered by any liability claim or by insurance.
    6. A fall of a horse and/or rider in a ridden event will result in disqualification from that event.
    7. A rider must NOT remount in the show ring following a fall.
    8. Random swabbing may take place.
    9. RPSBS Ltd membership and registration certificates must be with the owner/exhibitor on the day of the show and must be made available on request.
    10. No pending registration no late memberships will be accepted.
    11. Newcomer Rules are State specific. Check with the State Show Secretary;
    • Each pony must have a current Newcomer Card which must be given to the Ring Steward when entering the ring
    • If the competitor does not produce their Newcomer Card they will not be able to compete
    • Ponies must be ridden in a suitable, simple snaffle bitted bridle. Wilkie bits are acceptable. For permissible snaffle bits refer to clause 3.9.1. of Equestrian Australia Show Horse Rules.
    • Where a Newcomer Final falls into the next Showing Season this Final is considered to be part of the previous year’s showing season and the exhibit must compete in the section in which it qualified. This will not affect the ability of the exhibit to change section for the new showing season.
    1. Ponies used in lead rein or first ridden classes must be shown in a suitable, simple snaffle bitted bridle. Wilkie bits are acceptable. For permissible snaffle bits refer to clause 3.9.1. of Equestrian Australia Show Horse Rules.
    2. If an event is cancelled refund of entries may be considered.
    3. RPSBS heat policy applies; check or State website for updates.
    4. Senior Overheight Riding Pony show classes are for registered Section A Riding Ponies or Riding Ponies who have a Section A parent that have exceeded 14.2hh at 4 yo. Youngstock Overheight show classes are for Section A Riding Ponies or Riding Ponies who have a Section A parent that exceed the height limitation for their age as set down in the RPSBS Showing Rules & Regulations.
    5. Overheight Riding Ponies must NOT be shown in any Show Pony or Show Hunter Pony classes including any Show Pony/Show Hunter Pony Championship or Supreme.