Newcomer Year:               From July 1 to June 30 in the following year
 Entry Fee:                           $44.00
 Newcomer Shows:          

Toowoomba Royal
Lismore Show Horse Championships
RPSBS (Qld) State Championships

 Newcomer Championship:   RPSBS (Qld) State Championships

Click here to download the 2018- 2019 Qld Newcomer Entry Form

Click here to download a Queensland Statutory Declaration Form  to accompany the Newcomer Application

RPSBS QLD Young Judges Competition

Young Judges Classes

RPSBS Young Judges Classes will be run for two age groups. Age of Competitor as at first day of the show.

  1. Young Judges 10 and under 14 yrs
  2. Young Judges 14 and under 18 yrs

Shows Hosting RPSBS Young Judges Classes

Toowoomba Royal and RPSBS Qld State Show to be held at the Queensland State Equestrian Centre, Caboolture on October 27, 2018.

 At a Show

 Before & During the Classes

  • An RPSBS steward will explain to competitors how the classes will be run by the Senior Judge. Ponies will line up and remain in breastplate number order.
  • Competitors will be given numbered armbands that will be collected after the classes.
  • All competitors record their armband numbers on a Steward’s Young Judges List Sheet.
  • Competitors record their armband numbers on their own score sheets/cards.
  • Young Judges enter the ring with their Stewards.
  • In a ‘Special Young Judges’ class four Riding Ponies will be presented for judging.
  • A catalogued Riding Pony breed class that may have more than four exhibits may be used for the competition when a ‘Special Young Judges’ class is not possible.
  • Competitors must follow the Stewards’ instructions to keep the ring running safely and smoothly.
  • Complete judging.
  • Hand in sheets/cards if completed.

Leaving the Ring and Follow-Up

  • Young Judges leave the ring with RPSBS Stewards and go to a set area.
  • Hand in armbands and competitor scoring sheets/cards if these have not already been collected.
  • The group may be expected to stay together until the Stewards are sure the Top 5 placegetters are decided.
  • A brief interview with the Senior Judge and/or Stewards may be necessary to separate competitors whose results are very close.
  • Placegetters will be announced at an arranged time and place after the classes.

How Young Judges Are Marked

  • A Manual Scoring system will be used. (See Young Judges package for explanation)
  • Young Judges are placed according to how close they are to the Senior Judge’s placings, their notes on type, conformation, movement and manners plus their own appearance, approach and manner.


  • First, Second and Third places will be awarded with Fourth and Fifth placegetters awarded Top 5 sashes.
  • First and Second placegetters will qualify for the Qld Young Judges State Final at the Champion of Champions Show at Park Ridge in September.
  • When First and Second placegetters have already qualified at a previous show the qualification will be awarded to the Third placegetter if that competitor has not previously qualified. The qualification will not be awarded beyond the Third placegetter.
  • Young Judges results at each show will be announced at an arranged place and at a time that may be after Riding Pony classes are completed on the day.  Competitors must be polite to stewards, the senior judge and pony exhibitors.
  • Do not touch ponies or speak to handlers.


  • Young Judges’ written answers, interviews and conversations with officials are confidential.
  • RPSBS QLD will not release answer sheets/cards, scores or answers
  • A list of participants and results will be kept by RPSBS QLD Development Committee to help improve the programme.

 2018 Champion of Champions Classes

Toowoomba Royal Show

There will be a 2 Ring program (a Show Pony ring and a Show Hunter Pony ring).

The Champion of Champions classes will be held on the Tuesday afternoon. These classes will be height classes for Show Pony and Show Hunter Pony geldings/mares/stallions combined. Ponies/Horses will have to be qualified to enter these classes.

These classes will be judged in a similar manner to HOTY classes with individual set workouts. Stallions will not be working amongst the other horses.

QUALIFICATION for the Champion of Champions classes is as follows:

  1. Ponies to be registered with the RPSBS and both the owners/leases and rider are to be current financial members of RPSBS
  2. A 1 st or 2nd placing in a ridden RPSBS class or Open Hack class at any of the following shows:
  3. 2017 – Show Horse Council (Qld) Horse of the Year Show
  4. 2018 – Toowoomba Royal; Brisbane Royal; Lismore Hack Championships; Queensland Country Hack Championships (Maryborough); North Queensland Hack Championships; Equestrian Queensland HOTY Show; RPSBS Qld State Riding Pony Show; Beaudesert Show.