Show Pony over 13.2hh & up to 14.2hh

Most of the points outlined above for ponies up to the 13.2 apply to the larger category but obviously these ponies will show some evidence of bigger blood. Even so, while many of these ponies will have a significant proportion of Thoroughbred or Arab in their background, it is absolutely essential that the 14.2 pony stills shows pony character.

One often hears people say that the modern Riding Pony should resemble a miniature hack, but there is one all-important difference and that difference is pony qualities. Just as obvious pony blood is not desirable in a hack, the awards in a pony class should not go to a miniature hack which shows no evidence of pony blood.

Nevertheless, as befits a larger pony suitable for a teenager or small adult to ride, 14.2 ponies should show a bigger stride and strong forward movement, giving a free going, bold and balanced ride.