Show Pony over 12.2hh and not exceeding 13.2hh

The judging of these classes should follow similar lines to the 12.hh - 12.2hh class with the same principles applying. The judge will be looking for the most elegant, quality ponies, with great presence and excellent manners. Ponies should have some substance but they should not look like small hunter types.

The 13hh - 13.2hh class often contains the finest examples of the Riding Pony. At this height the exhibits are large enough to fill the eye, full of quality and elegance, yet they are small enough to retain their pony character

Some evidence of native pony blood should be apparent. As in all show pony classes, perfect conformation is sought with a small, neat head, elegant front and fine limbs with adequate bone that looks like it could stand some work. While exhibiting pony character, there should also be evidence in all paces, including the walk, of long stride, free movement and action and a comfortable ride. The whole workout should present a well-balanced, flowing attractive picture. Transitions up and down should be smooth, with an even beat to the trot and a comfortable canter. Ponies should not be stiff or overbent or be lacking in free forward movement.