Show Pony Not Exceeding 12.2hh

Although in the same height range, 12.2hh show ponies should show more quality and be much more freely going than a first ridden pony, and also be finer. Although refinement is required it is desirable for ponies of this size to show some substance, without heaviness, if they are to carry any weight at all.

The pony should have a really impressive front, a very pretty, refined head and sound limbs with adequate bone. Above all it should have some of the elegance expected in the classes for larger show ponies, while still showing a bit more “native” blood.

Paces should be free, light and airy and the pony should, as these ponies are mostly ridden by small children, have a good temperament and manners.

In the ring it is expected that the rider will have the ability to get the pony going well, with collection and without mouth problems or head shaking.  Ponies who pull are to be discouraged as they encourage bad hands in children.

It stands to reason that manners are high in the list of requirements in this class because a judge may forgive a tiny bit of exuberance.